In order for a business to succeed with their social media marketing pursuits, ideally they should utilize a multi-channel technique. When I say ‘multi-channel’, what I mean is a business should use a variety of social media marketing techniques. For example, by setting up a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a YouTube account, and perhaps – depending on what type of business it is – a Pinterest account.

In this way, the business can focus on a variety of techniques in order to heighten the awareness of their brand. In other words, there will be a number of ways they will facilitate communication with their current and potential customer base. After all, the more the business is able to communicate – be that in terms of marketing their products and/or services as well as dealing with any customer questions or complaints in a speedy manner – the stronger their brand will become.

These days, brand name in terms of business survival is key. Without a strong online and offline brand name, any business will inevitably struggle to succeed. And this is exactly what social marketing is all about – the heightening of a business’ brand name in a positive fashion.

Handling consumer queries and complaints swiftly is also vital to a business’ health. If queries and complaints are not dealt with appropriately, it can lead to negative sentiment. Negative sentiment has a habit of going viral, and in the online world, if negative consumer sentiment goes viral, it can in fact eventually lead to the collapse of the business.

Thus, using a number of social media accounts, a business will be in a strong position to communicate far more effectively than otherwise they would. Time management when utilizing a multi-channel social media marketing technique nevertheless is integral to overall business success, in an ever-increasingly busy and competitive world.

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