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The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART IV – Uploading the Video


The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART IV – Uploading the Video     After a huge work of recording and editing now your video might be ready to post on YouTube. But you might be glad to listen that the easiest part of a video making process is the uploading part it does not require a lot of work at all, it is as simple as the web uploader. There are a few steps to follow: Step 1: At first you need to sign in your YouTube account. After navigating in the home page of YouTube you will find a blue button at the right corner in the page, click on that blue sign in button. Now you are proceed to enter the login information. For getting free service you can click on the Create An Account button, the orange one at the top right corner of the page. Step 2: After signing in you will find in right side of the search bar, a gray upload button, at the top of the page, click there. At the right of the privacy option, you find a drop down menu, you need to click there. After selecting the privacy level, as you desire, click on giant up arrow previously, before selecting the video. Get the pop up window by clicking on open button, placed at the right corner at the bottom. Step 3: When the uploading is completed you need to input the basic information for the video, such as Title, Description, Category, Tags. At the right bottom corner you will find a blue button named save changes, when the work is finished, you have to click there. For that you need to [...]

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The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART III – Editing your Video


The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART III – Editing your Video     Video editing is tutorial. By the Built in Video Editor of you Tube you will be allowed by most programs for deleting the unwanted videos, adding the audio and you will also be allowed to splice the multiple videos together. You can add caption and annotations in the videos those are uploaded once to You Tube. You must like to publish the masterpiece created by you, with the full featured video editor you will be allowed to add fine tune in your videos. Mac OS X and Windows and are featured with a special software named iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, those software allow the users free video editing. Those softwares are capable to offer you basic edit that necessary for making a perfect you tube video. There are also some costly premium alternatives like Adobe Premium Pro and Final Cut Pro. Although there are a lot of other options too to for editing and making high class video which can be compared to any of the Hollywood movies. You must take this in mind that the editing of a video is as important as the recording of the video, and this thing will lead you to a perfect video editing. The editing is important to set the length, tone and the overall process about your video. Only a good editing can provide you a good video. You may feel to add some components or some tune to provide your movie a more suitable and strong effect. You can add transition, B roll footage, audio effects, and visual components and also can change the camera angles. If you follow [...]

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The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART II – Recording the Video


The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART II – Recording the Video   Camera has been in use since the early man grew up to become a primal man from apes. With advent in human life and its evolution on earth, camera was a device that was used to capture memories. The very first camera that was introduced to the human eye created a revolution of it's own and it was more than a basic pinhole camera . It's origin can be traced back to the early 15th century. This camera was named as CAMERA OBSCURA. This camera was like a handy drawing tool that was used to create a reflection of the real images . In addition to this, another invention was made in the early 19th century . This invention was CAMERA LUCIDA, a masterpiece in it's own form by the Cambridge university scientist W.H Wollastan. This camera was based on the principle of a periscope. It was widely used to click images of objects that were distant or at a height . These cameras had spellbinding effect on the common people, yet the only lack they had was that the image was temporary and had to be put on paper in order to make it permanent.  But when it comes to making history and importance, these cameras always brag a lot of attention because the modern day camera directly or indirectly owes the credit of it's creation to these small inventions only .  The journey from cradle to grave is full of moments that need to be captured and not close to the heart. Similarly there are various aspects in life that need to be captured and shared with others as [...]

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The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART I – Choosing Content


The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video PART I – Choosing Content You tube, the most popular online video watching and sharing site. No boundaries to watch video from there, those who are brood in sharing videos, you Tube is the heaven for them. Since the year 2005, the site has been providing all types of videos to the whole world. There is no specific genre for uploading videos in YouTube, any video, comedy, news report, sports recap. Music videos, movies and anything the sharer can share in this website, and the viewer also can grab those. People from more than 50 countries around the world are engage in uploading videos in this site, and each month the viewer from all over the world watch more than 6 billion hours of videos, each month, from YouTube. Needless to say this is an amazing record for the website. There are a lot of educational video too, many study materials are available there. The world is getting a huge benefit by the contribution of YouTube and its uploader. You can make your own video and upload it to YouTube, thus you can share your video to the whole world. You can show also your art to a lot of audition. The basics of making a YouTube video, like content deciding, recording, doing edit, and uploading, are not tough work at all. But it can be difficult to be a master of YouTube video. If you are trying to make a special genre for you in YouTube, such as cooking recipes, short films, news series, advertisements etc., this thing can be a little bit tough for you. Here we provide some important guidelines for making successful [...]