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DVD Covers Design Service for Businesses


At Social Media Promotions we pride ourselves on offering online businesses an extremely superior service! And it’s absolutely no different when it comes to our DVD covers design service. We’ve hired top graphical design artists who have years of experience when it comes to graphical design. Which in turn, means that our customers are always exceptionally happy with their purchases.

When it comes to DVD cover design, a number of people may wonder if it’s really necessary to have a very attractive and professional looking design. We feel that it’s entirely imperative!

The reason being is that with a beautiful and professional design for your DVD’s you are adding a lot of ‘weight’ to your product. Or in other words, you are increasing the perceived ‘value’. In that sense, you’ll make many more sales than otherwise would be achievable. So, basically, and in essence, what you are doing is enhancing your own profits, and that’s what we wish to help you to do! After all, we go to extremes to make sure that all our customers are entirely satisfied with our work. An unhappy customer is a lost customer, after all. And no business on this Earth wishes to see a diminishing customer base, regardless of what type of business it is.

There is the argument however that, because the internet is so widespread these days, why do we still require DVD’s? Fact of the matter is, not all businesses do need DVD’s. Nevertheless, DVD’s when ‘gifted’ or sold to a customer base can add value to the overall business.

There is also the further argument, which is a foregone conclusion, that the viewing experience when watching DVD in the Blu-ray format, is still the very best to be had. That in itself creates a colossal demand within the population at large for the DVD format.

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  • Nº of DVD covers
  • Nº of Concepts
  • Turnaround Time
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Premium Quality
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Full Graphic Ownership
  • All original Artwork
  • Single or Double sided

  • Web and Print ready
  • JPG File Delivery
  • PNG File Delivery
  • PSD File Delivery

  • Heroic Support
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System Support
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