The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video

PART II – Recording the Video


Camera has been in use since the early man grew up to become a primal man from apes. With advent in human life and its evolution on earth, camera was a device that was used to capture memories.

The very first camera that was introduced to the human eye created a revolution of it’s own and it was more than a basic pinhole camera . It’s origin can be traced back to the early 15th century. This camera was named as CAMERA OBSCURA. This camera was like a handy drawing tool that was used to create a reflection of the real images . In addition to this, another invention was made in the early 19th century . This invention was CAMERA LUCIDA, a masterpiece in it’s own form by the Cambridge university scientist W.H Wollastan. This camera was based on the principle of a periscope. It was widely used to click images of objects that were distant or at a height . These cameras had spellbinding effect on the common people, yet the only lack they had was that the image was temporary and had to be put on paper in order to make it permanent. 

But when it comes to making history and importance, these cameras always brag a lot of attention because the modern day camera directly or indirectly owes the credit of it’s creation to these small inventions only . 

The journey from cradle to grave is full of moments that need to be captured and not close to the heart. Similarly there are various aspects in life that need to be captured and shared with others as well.
Earlier, camera was just used for photography purposes, clicking stationary objects. But increasing ideas and change in temperaments of people led to a new revolution. And that was: Video recording.
Video recording basically refers to capturing of moving objects or may be stationary objects from different angles. Video recording is possible because of newer productions in camera’s, phones and other devices.

Capturing photos and recording videos has  been an activity that usually many people perform, and at times people seldom record some hilarious and knowledge imparting acts too , and it seems necessary to share our happiness and knowledge with other people too. Videos are recorded not only for personal use, but various corporate houses and business enterprises also use videos as a method of promotion. They promote their company through jingles, videos, and slideshows via social media.

Earlier, recording a video and sharing it with others was a cumbersome task as it involved complex methods and tasks. The recording cameras used to be very costly and difficult to handle. This user unfriendliness did not let much people get involved in the act of recording videos. But, with the advent of technology and increased innovation, now in 21st century it has become quite easy to record and share videos.

Basically, what matters is the sense of recording and handling the camera with zeal and passion. It is basically the camera lens that sees, but the emotion hidden behind an act is felt and captured by the human eye.

The last 100 years have been undergoing constant metamorphosis because major jaw drop developmental inventions and innovations have taken place. The field of communication, media, television, photography, digital technology, aircrafts, ships, warfare, mobile phones and internet have undergone huge changes and have become much more faster, unique and useful. 

Recording videos is an intricate task, and it just doesn’t mean mere recording. Recording involves proper focus, proper screen resolution and pixels. A good video says and it connects effectively and efficiently with its audience. A good video projects minute details and makes sure that everything that lies within the camera frame is well exercised.
Video making has become very affordable these days, obviously thanks to the technology. There are great devices which are affordable and present quality.
But, today we have technology fed smart phones that are inbuilt to record high resolution videos.
More over, various applications are provided that is used in collaboration with the smart phone. And this thereby increases the video quality and makes it look next to perfect.
One does not need to carry heavy equipments, camera and its various lenses and other stuff. All you need is a nice pixel camera and innovative mind.

Man is a socially explicit being, and he needs to share his happiness and moments with his fellow beings. This is like a regular duty that all humans perform, involuntarily.
Human beings interact with each other through social media, with means of messages, photos and sometimes videos.
The most common and easiest method of video recording and sharing is via camera and computer collaboration.
We record videos and transfer it to our desktop, which is further uploaded on social platform in order to share it with other people across the globe.
But, technology up-gradation has helped us with the monotonous and long task of recording and sharing.
With phones, tablets and webcam facilities, recording and sharing is just a few clicks task. There are various social interfaces where one can upload videos, and one such interface is YouTube.

YouTube is the most unrivalled way to promote anything or share videos. All it takes is around 10 minutes to create a video, and then only a few minutes to upload it to YouTube and make it go live.
People across the globe have easy access to YouTube, and anyone and everyone can see what you have uploaded.
There are a few points that need to be focused upon, while recording and uploading videos:
The foremost priority has to be the video clarity and colour tone. One should have a nice camera recorder that shoots appropriate video scene.
Moreover, while uploading any video, the quality should be given utmost consideration. There should not be any groggy lines or dullness in the video. Additionally, it is important to calibrate the video and its settings.
A few steps and you are ready to share your ideas with the world.
It does not matter as to what on screen device is used, to create a video, but the idea is all that matters to the audience.

A person can upload videos via the following mediums:


Computers And Laptops:

These days, making videos with a webcam is as necessary as sending email. If a person wants his webcam to work like a video recorder, all he will need is software that can record and save his video into your personal computer.
But with technology and its gifts, laptops are now available with inbuilt webcam and appropriate software to record videos.  All you need to do is connect everything and start working.
Moreover, the 21st century technology also allows you to connect your laptop or computer with your high resolution camera through wifi medium, and whatever you record on the camera is ultimately saved onto your desktop.


Smart phones and tablets:

Every individual across the globe, belonging to any age bracket owns a phone or better known as a smart phone.  It is very easy to record your video with a smart phone or tablet.
With easy internet access, a person can record and load videos on the social surface very easily. These smart phones are accompanied with applications and software that makes video recording easy and useful.



People have lately become I phone lovers. IOS has become the most favourite user interface. It is easy to access, user friendly and has a greater scope across the globe.
Iphone and Ipads are gadgets that have the most unrivalled camera recording facilities. The increasing use of MAC AND Ipads has increased the ease of video uploading by people manifolds.

There are innumerable types of video recording and its types; one can use a normal JPEG format, or RAW format. Camera’s that offer JPEG format are much cheaper as compared to the ones offering RAW format video recording. RAW is much better and convenient to use as this format is not compressed like JPEG. Moving on the latest trends, various companies are upgrading their cameras and video recording equipments.
Video uploading can either be done by recording an entire scene collectively and uploading it. The second option that can be chosen is, combining various photographs or screenshots together and making a video out of it.
All you need to do is record your scene appropriately, focusing on minute things, set the aperture right and with easy internet access, you are ready to roll.

Apart from phones and tablets, one can also use camcorders. Cam recorders these days are available in various sizes and offer different resolutions, according to their price. They can be adjusted according to light and background. They are user friendly and compatible. News has it that Sony has introduced latest technology that coverts XAVC to FCP and this is becoming popular day by day.

Due to digital evolution, the photography world has suffered a mini renaissance that has led to increasing popularity of camera and other photographic gadgets . Children and teens have become the major users of these items and this has lead to excessive crashing of prices of a simple yet useful camera. The seeds of photography pop out and start germinating in the young minds of this century, and this has led to increased profits and favouritism of the camera industry.