The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video

PART III – Editing your Video



Video editing is tutorial. By the Built in Video Editor of you Tube you will be allowed by most programs for deleting the unwanted videos, adding the audio and you will also be allowed to splice the multiple videos together.

You can add caption and annotations in the videos those are uploaded once to You Tube. You must like to publish the masterpiece created by you, with the full featured video editor you will be allowed to add fine tune in your videos.

Mac OS X and Windows and are featured with a special software named iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, those software allow the users free video editing. Those softwares are capable to offer you basic edit that necessary for making a perfect you tube video.

There are also some costly premium alternatives like Adobe Premium Pro and Final Cut Pro. Although there are a lot of other options too to for editing and making high class video which can be compared to any of the Hollywood movies.

You must take this in mind that the editing of a video is as important as the recording of the video, and this thing will lead you to a perfect video editing. The editing is important to set the length, tone and the overall process about your video. Only a good editing can provide you a good video.

You may feel to add some components or some tune to provide your movie a more suitable and strong effect. You can add transition, B roll footage, audio effects, and visual components and also can change the camera angles. If you follow the right guidance for editing a video, the video will be a different and perfect.

Various softwares have various processes to edit a video. But you are provided with the most valuable steps to fulfill the task in the most perfect way.

Step 1: After finishing recording, upload the video in your computer. This process will vary according to your device of capturing video.

Step 2: Then start the editing. Use the editing options those are necessary for your video. But for that take help and guidance from the online tutorials; you will get the support from the manufacturer. The editing techniques are different for different softwares, so, follow the proper guidance.

Step 3: after finishing the editing, you can save it or upload it in You Tube. There are many formats in You Tube for uploading video, such as MPEG4, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GPP, FLV, MPEGPS and WebM