The Proper Guide of Making a Successful YouTube Video

PART IV – Uploading the Video



After a huge work of recording and editing now your video might be ready to post on YouTube. But you might be glad to listen that the easiest part of a video making process is the uploading part it does not require a lot of work at all, it is as simple as the web uploader. There are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: At first you need to sign in your YouTube account. After navigating in the home page of YouTube you will find a blue button at the right corner in the page, click on that blue sign in button. Now you are proceed to enter the login information. For getting free service you can click on the Create An Account button, the orange one at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: After signing in you will find in right side of the search bar, a gray upload button, at the top of the page, click there. At the right of the privacy option, you find a drop down menu, you need to click there. After selecting the privacy level, as you desire, click on giant up arrow previously, before selecting the video. Get the pop up window by clicking on open button, placed at the right corner at the bottom.

Step 3: When the uploading is completed you need to input the basic information for the video, such as Title, Description, Category, Tags. At the right bottom corner you will find a blue button named save changes, when the work is finished, you have to click there. For that you need to keep in mind that your tags should be relatable and short, and the keywords should be descriptive and perfect, so that the users can find your video easily.

Step 4: You can monetize the video, but it is an optional system. By doing that you can also earn money, you will get that via the YouTube partner of Google. This is absolutely for earning money by your video.

If you want some cash by your viral video, you need to follow this guide to know the proper way of getting money by your video on YouTube.

Step 5: At the right side of the Basic info and Monetization you will find a tab named Advanced Setting, click there. After that you need to specify various settings for syndication, comments, distribution options, and caption certification.

Those things are not mandatory for uploading a YouTube video, but those things provide the custom option that is important for video embedding and comment moderation.


For additional editing

Don’t let your YouTube video as it was at the time of uploading. It is necessary to maintain the continuation of alternating and tweaking the video, which was published and uploaded, only with the basic editing and setting.

If you feel the necessities for refining the editing of the uploaded video or like to include some features like caption or annotation; you can follow the steps those are described below. If you need to do those works you can do otherwise you can skip also those steps.

Step 6: For accessing the upload history and video library find the option named Video Manager, at the left hand side of the page. After that you will find a gray color Edit Button just beneath of your video title, there you can access the editor.

Step 7: For accessing basic video editor you have to click on the Enhancements tab which is just next to the Info and Setting option. Then you can select a filter at the right side or you can adjust the color and lighting manually only by clicking on the sun button, placed at the top, and you can get there a verity of sliders to adjust.

There are other enhancements too, such as an auto fix options, image stabilizer, slow motion controls, and there is a trim function too to clip your video to a specific length. When you think that your work is done, click on the blue colored Save button, at the right corner of the top of the page.

Step 8: If you think that your video need some special audio then click on the tab named Audio, which is placed just next to the Enhancements. You can access there additional audio and audio panel. At the right of the video there is a navigational pane, by using this you can search or select for the right track by specific title or by genre, for your video.

At the beneath of your video, there is a Position Audio button, in gray color. If you have finished you audio choosing, click on that button for positioning and trimming the selected audio clip in the right location. When you finished your work, click on the blue color Save button, at the right corner of the top.

Step 9: If you like to add annotations, and then click on the Annotation, which is just next to the Audio. By that you are allowed to access a lot of annotation options.

Step 10: you can also add captions by clicking on the tab named Captions; this is placed next to the access option.



Preparing a YouTube video is hardly a tough work. But the whole process is a little bit complicated for many users. You need to follow all the guidance properly. And your videos can be edited always and anytime, so, do not hesitate to do this.