music marketing

Breaking into the music industry has never been an easy thing. Every successful artist knows that taking music from one’s circle of friends and family to the mainstream requires more than just musical talent. It requires experience, tact and insider knowledge of the music industry. It also requires the skills to take the artist’s music to potential fans.

Unfortunately, many upcoming artists do not have such knowledge or skills. As such, they languish in oblivion and their talent never gets the exposure it deserves. This is a tragedy because there are millions of potential fans out there desperate to listen to their music. The least an artist should do is to position their music so that their potential fans can find it. This is where we come in.

At Social Media Promotions, our aim is to help artists to break through into showbiz. We do this by giving them exposure across all the major music platforms. We position them strategically so that they can attract fans who love their style of music. We empower them to create a loyal fanbase which can transform to music sales on platforms such as iTunes, Shopify, Amazon, Reverbnation and many others. In short, we help an artist to move out of oblivion into the mainstream.

If you are an upcoming artist (or a struggling artist), then we are the opportunity you have been looking for. It is for people like you that we designed our Music Marketing package. Our desire is to increase your exposure, multiply your fanbase and explode the earnings from your music. We strongly believe that if you feel that you have something of value to offer your fans, then you definitely should put it out there. Our Music Marketing will ensure that you put your music in the places where your fans can find it.

We will promote your music across all the available platforms. We will position you such that all people who love your style of music can find you. We shall do whatever it takes to ensure that your music gains prominence in your target niche. We will help you to build a fanbase. In short, if your dream is to make your music become popular, then our Music Marketing will help you to make that dream come true.

Besides increasing your popularity and fanbase, we can help you to get spotted by talent scouts and music promoters. The fact is that the music industry is teeming with scouts and promoters who are desperate to find new talent. Unfortunately most artists do not know how to ensure that such people find them. We do. So, with our Music Marketing, we can help you to get signed to a record label. We have already helped scores of our clients to get music deals.

Does this mean that it is going to be easy? Absolutely not! The music industry is getting increasingly competitive. It is tough to break into. But you will not have to worry about that. Our Music Marketing experts will do all the donkey work. You will just have to concentrate on what you know best i.e. making great music. We shall handle the music marketing and promotion.

You should however take note that we cannot guarantee that our music marketing will fulfill all the above promises for every artist. Success in the music industry can come down to many factors, some of which are beyond our control. However, we currently have over 200 artists for whom we are successfully carrying out music marketing. We also have helped scores of artists to get signed by record labels. Therefore, we are confident that we can help you as well. But you also have to play your part.

What is your part? You have to realize that music marketing is not a one-time occurrence. It is a continuous process. Even established artists like Beyonce, Shakira, and Rihana still actively promote their music. So you need to ensure that constant promotion is part and parcel of your music success strategy. We always encourage our clients to sign up for our monthly packages so that we keep building their fan base. Success does not happen in a day.

But then we also realize that artists sometimes suffer with financial constraints. As such, we have designed a number of Music Marketing packages to suit every type of budget. Look through the options and select the one which is the best for you. Just to get you started, we already have a loyal fan base of 2 million followers who regularly check out our latest additions. They are eagerly waiting to check out your music. Sign up right away, and start the journey of making your musical dreams come true. 



The Music Marketing subscriptions are a premium service, where you will receive ongoing exposure for the Music channels that you subscribe. We can also say that you will receive nearly unlimited exposure, since we have an huge fanbase with more than 2 Million users that will enjoy to Listen and Watch your work for a long long time. Our fanbase it´s refreshed in a daily basis, so your project will receive new visitors everyday.