seo penalty recovery

SEO Penalty Recovery

Here at Social Media Promotions we know full well how utterly frustrating it can be to suffer a Google search engine penalty! One day, your webpages are all riding high in search, and you’re site’s traffic is on top of the world. Your sales are going very nicely indeed, and your subscriber list is growing beyond your wildest dreams. The next day however, you check your Google Analytics account and see something very odd. Suddenly your site visitor count has dropped dramatically.

You scratch your head, wondering what’s happened, trying not to panic. Maybe there’s something wrong with the functional status of your website? Perhaps it’s merely a bad day in terms of low search volume? Or perhaps there’s something up with respect to your hosting account – your website has been down for a few hours, for whatever reason?

Then, you decide to have a quick look at your search engine rankings, just to make sure that everything is still in place, as it was yesterday. And suddenly the truth dawns – your rankings are no longer where they were! Your webpages have all dropped away. Some are now positioned around 20th, where before, they were all top 10. Others are as low as 40 to 50, but before, they were climbing up nicely within the top 20’s.

What could have caused this? Why have Google suddenly turned nasty on you, when before they were ranking your webpages just the way you had hoped and planned?

This is when you need an SEO penalty recovery service! And this is what we’re very good at! We take the time to analyze your webpages, and then to check up on your backlinks and your previous backlinking strategy. We leave no stone unturned, and once we find the problem, we put it right. Simple as that!

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seo penalty recovery