social media marketing



You may have heard a lot of buzz about social media marketing lately, but do you know what it is? Many companies are now using it to promote their products and services, and therefore are building a stronger and larger business.With the popularity of any social media site today, real-time conversations are happening every day that define your market and brand awareness.

Don’t get left behind: those real-time conversations can be harnessed, monitored and measured to drive highly relevant conversations across multiple channels. Creating a social media marketing strategy is more than just creating a Facebook page or a Twitter page. You want return on your investment and you will decide the engagement strategy needed which results in sales.

The engagement strategies generating the most return are marketing engagement and servicing engagement. Marketing engagement relies on brand management and awareness while connecting with customers and Servicing engagement places the focus on troubleshooting problems.

Having said that, there are lots of reasons as to why your businesses should be using social media for marketing and business engagement purposes. Here are six compelling reasons:


1 branding

Social Media Marketing can create a recognisable identity for your product or service. This is extremely
important for a small business. Social Media tools can get the word out about your brand in a way that promotes online conversation and creates buzz.

2 word of mouth marketing

Exposure is a key to growing your business. Word of mouth may not generate business but with social media, you can create buzz around your business and brand. More than 90% of online marketing firms agree that social media engagement is based upon social interaction between the customer and the business and that will increase the brand awareness.

3 Reputation Management

Social Media tools let you keep an eye on what other people and sites are saying about your name, company, or brand online. You can then use the insights to fix any problems, if that is a requirement for your company. You could use forums and message boards to answer questions professionally, honestly, and correctly, which will earn you respect as an expert in your niche. People will look to you for answers and over time you will be know as the person that has the solution for your audience problems.

4 Find out what works for you copy

Your business does not move forward unless you understand your prior faults. Social media gives you a chance to look at your prior engagement year over year, to find out what worked and what did not work. By doing so, you can review your social media metric tools and engagement score. With this measures you can improve you weaknesses and change your strategy plan for the social networks were you did not succeed.

5 Helps with SEO ranking

Social media also helps you move up in the search engine rankings because of links. Many social news sites and social networking sites have “follow” links in their profile pages. These “follow” links can provide your online properties with a higher ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Social media networks has the capability of reaching millions of users in a daily basis and so the content is King. If you have a great content in your Social media network where you are present you will have for sure a great audience.

6 Cost effective marketing

Social media marketing shouldn’t cost a small business nearly as much as traditional advertising. And, if you do it yourself, it might not cost a dime. However, it will cost you time. Depending how much your time is worth, it might be worthwhile to hire someone to help with the social media marketing. But, all in all, social media marketing is just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising.

So if you are really interested to reach the masses, you need to be professional to achieve this goal, its very time consuming and you will need to have a great Social Media Marketing Strategy to succeed and it´s for that we are here. Below you have an extensive list of services for each Social Media Networks. If you prefer to have our consultants to do all the hard work for you then you need to take a look into our premium services “Social Media Management Services”.