We at understand that in order to succeed and thrive in the online world, all businesses must utilize a variety of techniques to get ahead of the game. In which case, we’ve added a video promotions service to our arsenal. We fully comprehend that all businesses should have a ‘well-rounded’ sphere in terms of how they market their products and/ or services, and also in terms of their ability to communicate effectively with their current and future customer base.

And this is why we’ve added a video promotions service to our repertoire.

Our video creation team have put together thousands of videos over the years with respect to promoting businesses – both online and offline businesses. We cater to both YouTube and Vimeo audiences. YouTube and Vimeo together make up for the lion’s share when it comes to the number of video views received every day. In fact, YouTube alone achieves well over 4 billion views per day!

We tailor our videos in that they are crafted to sell. We add the latest tweaks to each and every video we make in order to optimize the videos so that they gain more views in YouTube and in Vimeo, but also within the search engines, particularly so with respect to Google search engine.

You may be wondering why should your business utilize video submissions? Why not stick to the more traditional routes – a website, a blog, perhaps a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account? It’s been shown that video content is preferred with both B2C’s and B2B’s as a media format. Furthermore, YouTube is now regarded as the number two search engine, which accounts for the reason that they now have over 4 billion video views each day on their platform.

There are a variety of reasons why video has grown as rapidly as it has and is now such a popular online medium. Basically, it comes down to the fact that people like to hear the human voice. The voice has the capacity to convey ‘rich’ information, or in other words, the human voice has the ability to convert information into useful and meaningful content. Furthermore, emotions that come across within video content have a ‘contagious’ effect – it’s something that we love to share with others. And then, movements within a video are attention-grabbing. Motion attracts the human eye towards it.

At we use a number of ways to construct our videos. Really, that depends on the form of content that is most appropriate to our client’s requirements – what best suits their area of business, be that voiceover work, animation, on-video tutorials in the form of Powerpoint presentations – whatever the need, we cater to it!

We’ve outlined a number of reasons as to why your business should be using video, but there are many other reasons besides those given here. Learn more about what we can do to help your business get ahead of your competition with respect to our video promotions service – get in touch with us today.

video promotion

video promotion