website programming

Social Media Promotions started offering its services on 2005, with the goal to assist the companies and individual entrepreneurs in their introduction, display and development in social media platforms.

The company assists with marketing, promotion, content management, video production, S.E.O and web and graphic design projects.

Website programming is one of the main professional services of our company. Social Media Promotions offers any type of website programming needed, for both partial (upgrading and building). We also work in complete website solutions for companies and individuals.

Having your goals, basic ideas for the project, development, coding and financial requirements fully defined then we can advance with your project strategy.

 Our experienced coders can help you with the further business plan and the best business solutions for your project and success on your Online Business.

The company’s programmers are very experienced in most website programming languages, including C++, C#, Java, PHP, AJAX, Python, Ruby, Eiffel, ABL, ABP, Delphi, Visual Objects, Visual Basic, VB.NET, XBase++, Clarion, Gambas, Vala, Clipper, Visual FoxPro 6, ActionScript and WordPress.


Our company programmers tem speciality is any kind of idea and project you may need. You can opt for complete website solution and create dynamic and professional sites for your business like:

  • Shopping carts
  • Interactive communities
  • Forums
  • Presentations
  • Content management system
  • Tutorials
  • Portals


 You can also opt for a partial solutions that include your site’s building and further upgrading.

There are no flat rates for the programming, as each project has its own preferences, specific characteristics, goals, requirements and solutions. The first thing you should do is to request a free quote, by opening a support ticket with “Quote Request” subject on it.

The programmers will then analyse the project together with you and offer the best solution for your needs. You will get full daily support and assistance for your projects by our active and dedicated Team. 

website programming