The heart touching animated film Jack and the Giants



Hello everyone, in the following articles it’s a review about a short and a sweet animated film named as “Jack and the Giants”. It is an animated movie of fifteen minutes with total entertainment for the little boys and girls. As a family clips one can also see it also. In short and simple the basic story line could be like a boy rescued his father and mother after being kidnapped by the giants. The story line is good and thus the screenplay. The pre-production team of mintages lokabutis has done an excellent work with the film.

Key features

Starting with an illustrative example of the green and lashed valley where people live happily with each other and they do trade of their own. There are many saints, even who have the practical knowledge of the medicine. His casting of jack as Debi deriberry is being perfect. The character jacks in the story have been very brave.Scott Jeffers as Fe of Jack, in other words he is the little brother of Jack. The other two sisters of Jack in the movie name as Misc have been played by the voice of Katie Leigh and Mona Marshall. The extraordinary work of the hippo animated limited has made an immense effort to make the suspense interesting according to storyline.

As the story progress one could see that with an eruption of the volcano the village is being harmed but their unity and support for each other saved them and their vegetation. While on the other hand the suspenseful music created by ken marry has produced sweet essence to the ears, with the contrasting action of giants who were living on the top of the mountains. The story line is being good, so the work of brain Stewart could be a commendable performance.


Talking about the best parts that you may like the most is the concept of the flying monkey. The character of Jack is an immense glow to the positive society. It reflects how to defeat the hard situations and how to compete with bad giants with intelligence. The voice of Mark Thompson as the monkey has been also a commendable performance. The direction of the Kent Butterworth could be a little better in a few of the clips but on an average it is good to see. In the shades of the negative that is the lord mark slaughter has given up his voice in the background and which is a very much better performance.


Talking about the improvements, some songs could be done in a better way. The flying monkey scene and their fighting could be shown in a more intense way. A few scenes have taken away the heart, but in few it is too much lengthy. If all this very synced then it could be the best in all ways.


The short story shows, as that’s how a little boy could be brave in all situations and the family is the most import of anything in the world.