What is social media?


Social Media is a platform where people interact with each other, establish contacts, relations and share their moments. Since the advent of World Wide Web, there was significant increase in adoption and inclination towards social media sites. It is termed as social media as people hang around with each other, engage themselves in interactions and conversations.


Now people with immense ease can publish their contents and their views online with use of social media. Even Non-technical users find it fascinating to create and share their online content via blogs, social networking sites etc. Earlier business model of web was claimed to be ‘one to many’ but with advent of social media it transformed to become ‘many to many’.


In the context of businesses, this transition in increase in the web usage of consumers and their inclination towards social media usage brings sense of responsibility and accompanying opportunity. For web marketers it’s an exciting opportunity that the amount of content they can deliver to the end consumer via social media. It will take long term planning and execution to expand and build excitable relationships with organization and your consumer base via social media. With this shift in customer’s behavior entails the shift in expectation from the web marketers, so whether your business in expanding its base in social media networks or not, but customers are having conversation related to your operations in social media group.


In last few years there have been boom of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list is long. These sites have significantly increased people’s engagement, mode of interaction and means of information extraction. It can now be said that era of social media has begun and will only expand in the coming years. Now the point is for the decision makers how to relatively expand and adapt to the social media explosion and create a business concept around that.